National Council Update – August 2018

August 1, 2018

The National Council appointed the 2018-2020 Governing Documents Committee and review the upcoming in-person orientation schedule.

August 10-14, 2018

The National Council hosted their 2018-2020 term orientation, August 10-14, at the Headquarters Office in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Council covered a variety of topics and developed their operational plan of work for the year.

The Council discussed and learned together about effective strategic thinking, collaborative processes, and used Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team model to help lay the groundwork for a successful term ahead. In advance of the meeting, they read Shadows of a Neanderthal: Illuminating the Beliefs That Limit Our Organizations by David Hutchens and hosted a great discussion about the principles of leadership and communication shared in the story.

The Council hosted a thorough review of Alpha Sigma Tau’s policies and procedures, including a review of the Conflict of Interest Policy, Whistleblower Policy, and Governance Policies and Procedures as they relate to the National Council and CEO roles and responsibilities.

A review of past evaluation models for the CEO and National Council was shared by returning Council members.

Cindy Stellhorn, Executive Vice President of MJ Insurance, joined the National Council to discuss the Sorority’s insurance program and the landscape of the Sorority community as it relates to risk reduction and insurance coverage.

Micki Siner, CPA with VonLehman CPA and Advisory Firm, joined the National Council to discuss the Sorority’s Financial Review and tax filing process.

The CEO provided an overview of the Sorority’s Financial Statements and current fiscal position.

Time was spent developing a direction for the Sorority Advisory Committee and preparing for the Standing Committee Orientation event to be held later this fall.

The Council laid the groundwork for their annual operating plan of work.